Coincidence? Who’s kidding who?


So, (don’t you hate when people start a sentence with so?).  Back in 2006, Alexander Litvinenko died of apparent Polonium poisoning. If you don’t know, that’s some radioactive shit that he ingested unknowingly whilst apparently taking tea with what may turn out to be a somewhat unpleasant individual.

Mmm, who would do such a dastardly thing? At the time various fingers were pointed at our friends in the sometime frozen East – dissidents, spy’s and all that usual shit were mentioned. And yet, all remained quiet from the hallowed walls of Whitehall.

Brilliantly, fast forward a few years, mix in global financial meltdown, corrupt and ineffective leaders and a world that doesn’t know the difference between its arse and its elbow- and we are left with a bit of a mess. It seems that now Vlad “look at my muscles” the impaler Putin is public enemy number 1 and it’s all kicking off Ukraine side, now is the time to pin some shit on da bad guy!

Now, repeat after me. Everything I see, read or hear is true…….. And sleep.

‘Til next time


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