Pondering the nature of “Old Skool Summers” and other transient events…


Firstly forgive my flippant use of the too cool 4 school spelling styleeee. I blame it on the heat. See, my issue here is that this is starting to feel more like a good old British summer and thank the proverbial for that.

My fellow sufferers, for far too many years we have been subject to Summer in March, Spring in August, Spring still in October, Armageddon in November and finally followed by the day after tomorrow in January.

Well enough is enough and finally 2014 is giving us a taste of what like in the UK used to be like.

As Mr Alice Cooper is known to proclaim around about this time:

School’s out for Summer…….

Enjoy it while you can…. It’s gonna be a harsh winter…. 

Yours as ever the optimist – no really, I am!

‘Till next time…



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