Who What Where WhenWhy and How?


Those six words encompass everything a living human being should hold at the centre of their inquisitive mind as they attempt to steer their way through 21st living. Unfortunately the more I see of my fellow beings, the more I realise so many are completely oblivious to the realities of life in the UK and across the world in 2014. This truly is a bizarre age where up is down, black is white, the poor are rich and everything is getting better whilst at the same time getting worse. Meanwhile the Middle East is becoming a hell hole, Ukraine is a bloody political chessboard where blame and counter blame meld in a fog of moral and humanitarian bankruptcy and the weather continues to wreak it’s own pattern of random destruction across the planet. Whether you believe in man made climate change is really rather irrelevant. The bottom line is the climate is ever evolving and right now we are seeing that continued effect in more extreme examples. But back to my original point, whatever you see, read or hear – remember to ask those six questions at the top of this post. Then make your own conclusions as to the true story behind the headlines. Incidentally I first learnt the six Q’s at school and then again whilst working as a journalist. It’s a pity the mainstream media do not apply the same basic principles. But since when was journalism an honourable profession? ’til next time…..

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