Dog pooh and other toxic organisms.


Now I love my dog, I mean I really do love my dog in a non bestial man and dog relationship kind of way. Sometimes he gazes up at me with his hazel chocolate eyes and I melt in to them. Can you believe that a reasonably intelligent mature man starts to talk to a K9 in a voice resembling baby goo goo gah language? Dog ownership often involves this retrograde step where we cease to communicate effectively with fellow humans and instead share interesting conversations with our four legged friends. Examples of this include: “Who’s a lively doggy door doo” and “I love my lovely doggy woggy”. 

I’m sorry for exposing you to this but you need to be aware of how all consuming this condition can be.

Anyway, to the point of tonight’s pontification.

When you love your dog, you want to give the treats. Sometimes these treats are edible. 

Edible treats often equal meltdown on the rear portal.

Rear portal ejecting on lawn = dead grass!

Now that in itself is bad enough but it all goes wrong when nature takes its natural path



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