If the cap fits..


Wikipedia describes Nominative Determinism as “..the theory that a person’s name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of job, profession or even character.”

Or, in other words, “your name defines your job” – for example, a chap whose name is Butcher & who finds himself employed in the preparation of meat for sale to the general public would accurately fit the bill.

Anyway, this morning I found myself listening to an interview on BBC 5 Live with the director of a drug abuse clinic in London.

He is concerned that steroid abuse amongst young people is on the increase & is storing up a major problem for the future.

Now, probably one of the best-known negative effects of the abuse of steroids – amongst men an least – is the diminution of the size of the chap’s er, chap so imagine my amusement when the name of the director of the One40 Clinic was revealed to be none other than David Smallwood..

Cue Beavis & Butthead style sniggering..

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