It’s not me….it’s you!


I thought I’d start this evening with a statement of intent. I have spent the majority of my life believing that whilst I had certain qualities, abilities, and attributes; there were however, other individuals who deserve their place in the hierarchy above me due to their superiority.

Now superiority is an interesting thing. I grew up and was educated in the old education system whereby if you were lucky you went to a good comprehensive. If you were really lucky then you might end up at a good independent school and if you were from a priveliged upbringing, then private school beckoned.
Of course if you were from the elite, then a guaranteed fast track to Harrow, Eton and the hallowed corridors of Oxford or Cambridge were a given.

And so for many generations this tradition held and the result in 2014?

Absolute mayhem. My god what have we let loose? The idiots have taken over the asylum, the monkies are running amok, Boris is a national treasure, Cameron is clueless, Milliband is well, Milliband and Clegg is a frustrated LBC presenter! And as for “Chopsticks Chopin” Ed Balls – are we really meant to take this guy seriously?

As I look at the appalling state of soundbite politics in the UK and survey the gradual meltdown of the global financial, political and geographic stability of the world in 2014 – I can only come to one conclusion – it definitely isn’t me who got us in this mess, it’s you.
Of course if you agree with me, then it’s not your fault either. Bottom line is the closed shop that produces our leaders and influencers is no longer producing viable intelligent beings but duds scraped out of the dregs in the over fermented barrel.
Sorry for the lecture tonight but sometimes you just have to unload!
’til next time….

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