Interesting thoughts on an issue that continues to fester…


The Slog.

Replying to Greek friends who had seen this Democracy Now piece about how unutterably wicked Israel is (natch), I felt at the end of the email, having pressed ‘Send’, that it might be worth a fatwah-earning Slogpost. So being a lazy bastard, here it is:

While this has long been Siegman’s view (he is a clone of our very own Jewish former MP and expenses embezzler Gerald Kaufmann) his impeccable fairness credentials neither make him right, nor do they deliver a solution.
Israel has committed two acts of blatant aggression in the last 66 years: the land grab of the State itself in 1947/48*, and the attempt to colonize land they kept after various equally blatant acts of aggression by Egypt and Syria against it in the 1960s. I totally understand why the Palestinians are pissed off about this, and with united support for their cause they would…

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