Unexpected item………..



I’ve bitten my tongue for far too long on this issue but in a world where soundbites rule everything; its time to analyse the total and utter crap which is the self service checkout.
Oh where to start on this subject? Profit before customer service? Efficiency? Maximum hourly throughput, or any other buzz word or term of 21st Century capitalism and consumerism speak?

Just for the avoidance of doubt, I despise self service terminals with a passion. I despise that I have to process my own shop. Its bad enough that I have to trawl up and down the aisles looking for the things I want or need – whatever happened to a helpful assistant gathering your requests from the shelves?

It’s also bad enough that every month or so they (the evil ones) decide to completely rearrange the store to prevent you from doing your automated shop walk in the hope that you’ll buy new stuff that you don’t really need just because the finest organic sun blushed tomatoes happen to be where the washing up liquid was last time you shopped.

Actually I am going to stop now because I feel this needs much more reasoning as there’s a whole load of stuff brewing and I need to get it out succinctly.

So further thoughts on unexpected item to follow – now you didn’t expect that did you?

And to think this only started because I wanted a sandwich without queuing for ages..

Tesco, Saintsbury’s and the rest – you have been warned.

’til next time…..


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